Award-winning magician and mentalist Eric Walton has lent his talents to dozens of projects in a wide range of media around the world and has garnered the accolades of the international press along the way.

His one-man show Esoterica enjoyed a seven-month run at the DR2 Theatre in New York City, was a sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and has been produced at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, at the Brighton Fringe Festival in Brighton, England, at the Spiegeltent, and as a part of the River to River Festival in downtown Manhattan.

Eric has been the subject of numerous feature articles in the press, including the Times of London, Zink Magazine, The New York Daily News, and The List, and made numerous appearances on television and radio.

In addition to his various other achievements, he has also memorized pi to three-hundred and sixty decimal places.

He lives in New York City.